How much does it cost to make a compliant plumbing system?


The upgrading of the systems is a central part of a building renovation, but if as it is true that in some cases to determine the cost the size of the house is considered, to know the cost of a standard plumbing system, the water points to be considered are considered. connect to the water system. That said, square meters are still a valid parameter for estimating the cost. The figure for building a compliant plumbing system ranges from 1000 $ for a medium-sized apartment between 50 square meters and 70 square meters and can reach 4000 $ for a 200 square meter residence. Let’s see how a plumbing system must be to be defined in accordance with the law.

What a compliant plumbing system must be like:

Knowing the cost of building a plumbing system is important as it is one of the fundamental elements of a home. It allows you to bring water into the home and make it usable for all domestic uses in the kitchen, bathroom or garden. Considering the fact that both the bathroom and the kitchen are almost always involved in the renovation of a new house, the plumbing, as well as the electrical system, are among the main aspects that need to be overhauled.

What makes up a plumbing system:

The plumbing system consists of a series of functional units, pipes, fittings and valves, which ensure the distribution of water.

During the design phase, the professional in charge must know the legislation for water and sanitary systems. This is the only way to conceive the efficient system which in any case is divided into two distinct categories: the addiction system and the waste system.

The supply and distribution network, consisting of pipes and a series of accessories and components, allows the water to pass from the aqueduct to the various water points inside the home.

The drainage network, on the other hand, makes it possible to remove the water used.

A water system is also composed of a purifier, the device that allows the treatment of water in order to make it suitable for domestic use. In some cases there is also an autoclave, the system used to increase the pressure of drinking water. It is installed only where there is the need to raise the water pressure. For example, in condominiums to serve users who live at a certain height or to overcome any inconvenience caused by the low pressure of the water coming from the network. Here are some plumbing tips you should know

The network and all the pipes that cross the house, the boiler or water heater, useful for producing hot water for sanitary use, are also part of the plumbing system of a home.

The taps and sanitary appliances are also part of the system. Essential for the supply and accumulation of water. In turn connected to the drains to drain the water once used.

What defines a compliant system:

The project and the scheme of the system are among the documents required by law to be attached to the declaration of conformity of the water and sanitary systems. The correct execution of the works and the functioning of the systems are documented thanks to the issue of this certification.

The declaration of conformity of sanitary water systems is a document that must be drawn up in the event of the construction of a new system or partial modification of the existing one. If the modification is partial, the declaration of conformity will only affect the portion on which action has been taken.

If you do not make changes to transformation, expansion or extraordinary maintenance, the declaration of conformity for the water and sanitary systems is not needed.

Therefore, in renovations that do not involve the systems, the declaration of conformity for the water and sanitary systems is not mandatory. And it is not even needed in the case of a sale or deed, or in the case of a lease.

Calculate the cost of a compliant plumbing system:

To define the cost of a plumbing system, the number of water points to be connected to the system is considered.

The water points are sink, shower, tub, bidet and toilet. To define them within a metric calculation, it is therefore necessary to know the project with the number of bathrooms and sanitary ware present. You need to know what the drains are and where is the socket for the hot water boiler. You need to know the water part of the kitchen, with the sink, the connections and drains of the dishwasher and washing machine. In addition, outdoor spaces are also to be considered. Because if they exist, there will also be water points here that are useful for watering the garden or terrace.

However, the heating system with radiators is not considered, which although it is powered by hot water heated by the boiler, is not part of the plumbing system but rather the heating or thermal system where the radiator is considered as a radiator point.

But in the case of restructuring of the plumbing system, to define the correct cost, the current state of the plumbing system must also be considered. Therefore, the definition of the cost for the construction of a water system in accordance with the law requires the drafting of an ad hoc estimate, accrued after the inspection with the plumber or with the company.

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