How Background Verification is changing the Way of Hiring?


According to a report, more than 40% of people lie on their resume and more after the pandemic when the hunger for jobs is increased that sometimes results in bad hiring. Today many companies hire candidates smartly after doing proper employee verification. 

So, with this article, we are going to discuss how background verification companies are helping the hiring managers to get the best candidate they are expecting. 

Why Background Checks are Important For Hiring Companies?

It’s common that candidates to claim false statements during the interview process for getting the job. Many times, the companies can’t able to catch these untruth statements and hire the ones that they haven’t expected. 

A bad employee not only can misuse the assets of the company but also can damage the reputation of the company. 

A background check is a process to verify all about the potential recruits before they are officially hired by the company. It helps to know whether the new employee has enough skills and abilities that meet the requirement of the job position. 

Importance of Employee Background Verification

Background check is becoming important for some of these reasons.

  • Safety & Security – For the growth of the company it’s necessary to work in a safe & secure environment. Background verification is a way to eliminate the applicant who can be a threat to the company. It helps in a great way of reducing the chances of violence by filtering the candidates. Stringent verification makes it easy for companies in identifying the potential threats from discrimination or any other types of issues.
  • Improve Hiring Quality – Right skills and reliable knowledge plays a big role in the growth of the company that organizations are struggling with. A good background check ensures getting the right employee for the job position. It helps in improving the quality of staffing operations and management that leads the organization to a great height. Some of the companies in India reject the employees for the unavailability of documents required during the verification.
  • The authenticity of Resume – Most employees put many such things on their resume that are becomes fake in the future. The applicant uses tricks by that they can get the job while making the false claims but eventually they can’t handle the job position. Proper employee verification can unveil the truth of the candidate. 
  • Nature of Employee – Another benefit of a background check is that it gives a clear picture of the employee. The background check helps to know the employee about the personality, behavior, and nature of the candidate. Depending upon these aspects, the hiring managers can finalize the applicant for the company. 
  • Increase Productivity –Verification lets the hiring managers know the performance of the candidate in the previous company also. It is important for a company hiring for mid or top-level positions where the company expects from their potential candidate’s leadership quality, strong emotional intelligence, and good performance. The employee background verification solutions can help to get the candidate that build customer relationships. 

How Background Verification has Changed Hiring Process?

A few years back, the companies are not active in background verification during the hiring process. However, over time, it has been seen that 95% of companies do at least one type of background verification during the hiring process. The corporate sectors have adopted the growing trend of verification checks after experiencing bad employees in their companies. 

Companies use to do any type of verification like –

  1. Address Check – Foremost verification check for employment background that helps the companies to verify the address of the employee mentioned on the resume. Some of the address proof documents like license, PAN card, or Adhar card can be required to validate the address. This is important because the candidates sometimes use fake identities. 
  2. Education Check – Academic checks help the employer to know and verify the highest qualification of the candidate and to ensure that the employee meets the standard of the company. 
  3. . For maintaining the standard of the company, the hiring managers verify the education background check of the person before selecting it. 
  4. Previous Employment Check – This is one of the most important types of verification during the background check process. The new company can get in contact with your previous company for verification if they want to. However, some background verification companies do employee checks in a very professional way. 
  5. Reference Check – The Company wants to verify the claims that the candidate has mentioned on the resume. Reference check helps to know the hiring company to get an insight about the candidate’s work and achievements of the previous company. 
  6. Drug Abuse Check – No company wants to hire someone that is addicted to some substance abuse. This may lower the productivity of the company and also lead to a bad image of the company. No organization wants that its employees harm the environment.  
  7. Court Record Check – The criminal record check will search out for the name from the court records and will show the case if the person is included. This employee background check is required for the companies to know if the job seeker doesn’t commit any crime. 


Background checks are becoming an important part of the hiring process after companies have suffered from many issues from the employees who claim false statements. However, these days corporate has changed their way and take employee verification as an important part of hiring.

If you are from those looking for employee background verification solutions then you can get in touch with Repute. It helps to verify the employee background in a very professional way by providing all the necessary data & information that the hiring companies looking for. 

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