“Five Reminders” for Annual Tax Refund Processing

"Five Reminders" for Annual Tax Refund Processing

Reminder 1: Please carefully check the information filled in, and handle the annual report in good faith following the law.

The information to be filled in for annual reconciliation mainly includes basic personal information, such as personal ID number, valid contact information, annual reconciliation location, etc. This is to identify your identity and facilitate subsequent tax refund or tax repayment for you safely. ; and information on income, deductions, tax benefits, etc., which are the basis for calculating your annual tax liability. To facilitate the smooth and accurate completion of the declaration, it is recommended that you use the online method for annual reconciliation, and there are explanations or filling reminders next to the corresponding columns of the form. At the same time, it is recommended that you sort out and check the above-mentioned relevant information about yourself before filing, and fill in it according to the law, accurately and truthfully, so that you can get a tax refund in time.

Reminder 2: To ensure that taxpayers handle the annual reconciliation in an orderly manner, it is recommended that you do your best to handle the annual reconciliation within the period agreed between the tax authority and the entity. For tax refund applications that have been submitted, taxation, treasury, and other departments are stepping up their processing according to law, please wait patiently.

The annual final tax refund of individual income tax needs to go through the necessary verification procedures, and the taxation, finance, treasury, banks, and other departments must jointly handle it. To ensure that the taxpayer can safely receive the tax refund, it is also necessary to verify whether the bank account filled in by the taxpayer is true or not. efficient. If taxpayers fill in inaccurate data, there are omissions, individual taxpayers make false declarations or a large number of taxpayers apply for tax refunds in a concentrated manner, resulting in excessive business volume, it will affect the tax refund progress in terms of time. At the beginning of the annual reconciliation, there were not many taxpayers filing tax refunds, and the tax refund time was relatively fast; Dishonest filings also began to increase, resulting in longer tax refund processing times. At present, taxation, treasury, and other departments are going all out to deal with it at full capacity. Here, we also remind the majority of taxpayers who are employed by employers to try their best to handle the annual reconciliation according to the period agreed by the tax authority and each unit in the early stage, to avoid crowding and congestion, to obtain a better taxation experience.

Reminder 3: Please make sure that the bank account you fill in meets the conditions so that you can receive your tax refund on time.

To ensure that you receive the tax refund in a timely and safe manner, please be sure to fill in your eligible bank account in China when applying for the tax refund. Under normal circumstances, the bank card opened at the bank counter can smoothly receive the tax rebate, among which the first category is the best. If you are unable to determine the type of bank card, you can consult the bank where the account is opened.

Reminder 4: Don’t trust unofficial or non-professional tax refund “secrets”.

For annual tax refunds, taxpayers are required to declare by themselves, and individuals are responsible for the authenticity, accuracy, and completeness of the declared information. If taxpayers have any doubts when making declarations, they can consult tax authorities, units, or tax professionals promptly, and do not trust the so-called “tax refund tips” transmitted online or orally to avoid erroneous declarations or false declarations that violate the provisions of the tax law.

Reminder 5: The tax authorities will not ask you for your bank account and password information through unofficial tax terminals or channels for tax refunds.

You can apply for the annual final tax refund through the online tax bureau for natural persons (official mobile personal income tax APP, website of the e-tax bureau for natural persons), or you can go to the tax service hall or send the declaration form to the designated tax authority for processing. No matter which of the above channels, you only need to fill in your bank account number at the same time when filing the declaration. The tax authority will not ask you for your bank account and password information through any other channels (such as phone calls, text messages, etc.). Taxpayers are requested to improve their security. Awareness of prevention, beware of fraud.

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