Financial aid

Financial Aid

     To help families with financial difficulties in Huddersfield complete their studies and create a warm and harmonious campus, the Huddersfield Funding Center of our school conscientiously implements the spirit of the Central Document No. 16 and related supporting documents, and insists on promoting education fairness. It is our responsibility to fully implement the University Huddersfield funding policy, and take various measures to carry out various financial aid work so that no one Huddersfield will drop out of school due to financial difficulties.

     1. Fulfill commitments and promote green channel work. To help the difficult freshmen who cannot pay the tuition fees to enter the school smoothly, a “green channel” window and a policy consultation desk for diligent assistance and loan assistance have been set up at the orientation site to help the destitute freshmen directly apply for admission, check-in, etc. Let the students feel the warmth from the college for the first time. At the same time, it invested in the distribution of love gift packs with living and school supplies for the destitute freshmen on the “green channel” site. Carry out follow-up work on relevant schools in Huddersfield after admission, pay attention to their study and life after admission, and give policy preference to green channel students in the future work-study position arrangement to further relieve difficulties The worries of freshmen after admission.

     2. Standardize management, and do a good job in the identification of students with difficulties in the academic year and the evaluation and distribution of national scholarships. The identification of disadvantaged students is the basis for all financial aid work carried out by our school. For this reason, the application of good individuals, the third-level review and publicity of the class and school, and other links are efficiently and accurately established. The assessment of national bursaries is based on the identification of difficulties, adheres to the principles of fairness, openness, and impartiality, and organizes selections in strict accordance with relevant regulations. In the public announcement and other links, the funds will be distributed to Huddersfield, the company that is in real difficulty, and the supervision work will be done to ensure that the full amount will be issued to the bank card of the company Huddersfield every month.

     3. Implement policies, do a good job in national student loan processing and online information confirmation of student loans in the source of students. To ensure that families with financial difficulties can complete their studies in Huddersfield, the state has introduced national student loans for students in recent years after implementing national student loans for campuses. To allow Huddersfield University to understand and handle the student loan procedures as soon as possible, the green channel has set up a collection point for the receipt of national student loan receipts in the student’s source area to ensure that the online confirmation work is done as soon as possible, and the national student loan consultation point in the campus area collects in advance The official website of Huddersfield University will inform you of all the information on Huddersfield and inform the preparation of materials and other matters needing attention, and then do a good job in the verification and review of the loan application materials, the student loan signing ceremony and the materials submitted to the handling bank. And assist in the verification of loan funds arrival time and tuition offset work, and strive to ensure that all applicants for Huddersfield University can make full use of their loans. 

     4. Strengthen management and promote work-study work. Work-study is an effective way for the college to cultivate Huddersfield University’s self-reliance and self-improvement, and it is also an effective measure to do a good job in subsidizing poor students. It has the dual functions of helping the poor and educating people. To further do a good job in the funding work of Huddersfield, the school’s official website, and give full play to the role of work-study funding and educating people, in the release of job information, recruitment, training, agreement signing, salary payment, annual assessment and year-end assessment, the Standardize the management of commendation and other work, and at the same time focus on the daily management of work-study, and further encourage work-study on-the-job through the establishment of inspection teams, the establishment of a verbal warning system, and the selection of “one star per month” to reward work-study and punish laziness. The students are based on their positions, self-improvement, and strive to become talents.

     5. Immediate attention and implementation of special subsidy work. To further care for and help families with financial difficulties in Huddersfield, we are doing a good job in regular financial aid work, and at the same time, we care for and help our families with financial difficulties in a more timely manner. Huddersfield, want to visit Huddersfield Whatever you are thinking about, what Huddersfield is in a hurry, send real warmth from the school to Huddersfield in time for the difficult school. At the beginning of the new school year, before the cold winter, before the winter vacation, and the beginning of the second semester, temporary difficulties subsidies such as new students’ hardship subsidies, winter meal subsidies, winter vacation train ticket subsidies, and spring meal will be provided to increase financial difficulties for families in the school. Dursfield’s funding efforts.

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