Eight things to avoid after a hair transplant

Hair transplant cost in Dubai

hair transplant cost in Dubai

After a hair transplant, one must pass through a difficult stage as it is a predictable procedure. Still, there are actions that you have to follow and that you don’t have to follow after the transplant. When you come home, you have everything in your mind that what are the things that may affect your process of recovery. And one must be worried about how they can take care of it now because your hairs are crumbly now, and they need extra nurturing and care. Swift and stress-free recovery need some preventive actions. It is good to understand what you have to avoid after the transplant.

The hair transplant cost in Dubai varies according to the condition of your hair and the treatment it needs. Here are a few recommendations for hair transplants Dubai that patients need to consider if they want a hassle-free recovery. 

Avoid ice and sunburn 

One crucial thing after a hair transplant is to avoid touching or scratching your hair. It’s necessary to handle them with soft hands. While washing hair, gently apply the shampoo or conditioner but avoid scratching them can be avoidable for a few days. After the transplant, do not use ice directly on your scalp as ice is not good, but if you are undergoing swelling, you can apply ice for half an hour above the eyebrows. You can cure any discomfort by using ice. Try to avoid sun exposure during the day after a hair transplant. It is not suitable for hair recovery to stay out for an extended period during day time. If it is an emergency and you want to go out, protect yourself from sunburn. 

  • Avoid eating fast food.

Fast food is easy to eat and is continent to buy because you don’t need to cook anything, but during a hair transplant, you need to avoid fast food as it does not help a speedy recovery. Fast food lacks the nutrients that a hair transplant patient needs. You have to use food that includes vitamins, calcium, iron, etc. Try to avoid cake, soda, juice, or any other backed item.

  • Avoid De-Hydration

Water is essential for life, and keeping yourself hydrated after a hair transplant is crucial. So drink as much water as you can. The hair recovery process becomes effective when you drink more water than usual. A hydrated body makes you comfortable after a hair transplant, so increase your water intake daily.  

  • Avoid heavy exercise

After a hair transplant, try to avoid heavyweight exercise, do not shatter personal lifting; this is not the right time. Keep the heart rate and blood pressure within the normal range. Avoid activities that increase blood pressure and heart rate. You can do yoga or light exercise to maintain the normal range. 

  • Evade hair wash

A vital suggestion does not to wash your hair for a few days after a transplant. You can wash your hair after that but with gentle hands and try not to apply anything directly on your scalp. Rub the shampoo on your palm first, and then use it on your hair with soft hands.

  • Avoid sleeping flat

Although it is a minor surgery, one should take precautionary measures to avoid swelling or damage. Swelling is a common symptom that patients often face after surgery; to prevent further swelling, the patient should maintain a posture of a 45-degree angle while lying on the bed. Furthermore, try not to rub your hair against the pillow.  

  • Keep away from hair styling products.

After the hair transplant, avoid dying your hair or do any styles with your hair with gel as it contains harmful chemicals which can cause serious issues. The transplanted sacs are in an insubstantial state for several weeks, so try to give them as much care as possible.

  • Elude drinking and smoking

As alcohol is known as a de hydrant so it should be avoided for a week after the treatment as consuming alcohol delays hair recovery, gives you discomfort, and reduces your blood supply and other nutrients. It also gives rise to blood pressure to an extent level so stay away from these from smoking nicotine and things containing nicotine as one cannot completely stop from these things in the first place. One should start slowly cutting down on these things as it will help you in your post-surgery treatment.

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If you want to stay happy and confident in your life, hair transplant Dubai recommends reserving your early session. Hair loss might be a reason by genes, stress, age factor, or physical health, but you can consult a hair transplant in Dubai for your hair treatment. You must know about the preventive actions after a hair transplant to prevent the procedure and for adequate recovery. Prevention helps you in fast recovery. Hair transplant cost in Dubai varies according to the process your hair needs. 

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