The dental amalgams are typically manufactured in materials such as mercury and silver, or fillings are formerly used to fill the gap after removing the decay. Even today, it is possible to find a dental clinic where this type of filling is used, although it is rare. In Spain, amalgams are entirely out of use.

Today we resort to highly aesthetic and safe dental fillings. The dental amalgams that were placed in the past and mercury were also very unattractive since they are dark in color.

In addition, controversy has surrounded metal amalgams for years. Some dentists assure that mercury generates toxicity and puts the health of those who wear this type of fillings at risk. However, other voices warn that the minimum amount of mercury and dental amalgams used do not generate any insecurity.

At the Vinateros Dental Clinic, we do not enter into the debate on safety, but we are clear that the amalgam filling is unsightly. For this reason, we offer you the extraction of dental amalgams to make your smile look more beautiful and whiter. Our dental clinic in Madrid offers you quality and innovative solutions for all your oral problems.

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So are metal amalgams

  • These are very durable and resistant dental fillings. Their durability is very high in the patient’s mouth, as they can remain in place for 30 years or more. Despite this, our dentists only recommend the use of composite fillings.
  • Dental amalgams are unsightly because they are almost black, similar to tooth decay.
  • It is an inexpensive solution, but few dentists continue to advocate for these fillings despite this.
  • If the amalgam fractures or breaks, the risk of toxicity increases. It is essential to remove the packing and clean the area in this case.

Why remove dental amalgam?

Dental experts strongly recommend the removal of silver or mercury dental amalgam from patients’ teeth. Formerly, they were placed as a filling to replace a lost tooth or part of it, but it turns out to be a toxic material that is harmful to the patient’s health and not being aesthetic if it is visible. For this reason, at the Madrid Vinateros dental clinic, dental fillings are made with composite, a much more aesthetic and safer material.

On the other hand, if you are allergic to metals, the extraction of dental amalgam is vital. Removal of these old fillings should only be done in a professional setting. At the Vinateros Dental Clinic, we have extensive experience in this approach, which is carried out in the best safety conditions.

How is dental amalgam removed?

At the  Moratalaz dental clinic, we perform safe extractions of metallic silver or mercury dental amalgams for your health and replace them with aesthetic fillings or other materials that are biocompatible with our bodies.

The WHO recommends the removal of amalgams for dental use, so our team of specialists will take care of carrying out your treatment as soon as possible. Before proceeding with its extraction, we analyze your oral health thoroughly to ensure the ideal time to carry out the treatment.

Silver amalgam has been gradually replaced by other materials such as composites or “white materials,” which is also due to the demand for aesthetics.

The amalgam replacement procedure is safe and straightforward. Once the amalgam has been removed, the process is the same as a conventional dental filling. Composites are applied to the cavity in paste form and are customarily hardened using visible blue light.

Our medical team has the most advanced dental technology on the market. This allows us to offer you highly predictable and very safe procedures. To avoid the toxicity of the amalgam materials, we carry out their extraction following a very high-security protocol.

Why do we recommend changing dental amalgams for other fillings?

At Vinateros, we recommend replacing your old amalgam filling performing an aesthetic and healthy reconstruction without metals. The first step is that you visit our clinic to evaluate your oral health. We will advise you on the appropriate treatment for your case in a personalized way.

Using alternative products such as composite improves the beauty of the teeth and increases the safety of the patient to maintain good oral and general health. Because we care about your health, it comes first for us.

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