Custom Packaging, & Why it’s Essential to a Positive Brand Experience

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Remember the time you “presented” yourself to your girlfriend or wife’s parents and family when you courted them for the very first time? I guess you really put in a lot of effort to how you dressed up, looked good and presented yourself properly, so that you’ll make a good first impression on them. Well, this tactic is actually the same as how products or brands try to create a first impression to customers, because while first impressions may seem trivial, they do last, and it takes less than 15 seconds for a person for form an opinion about a product or person they first met. Here’s a look at why custom packaging is essential to a positive brand experience.

The Basics of Custom Product Packaging

What makes a successful product or service? According to sales and marketing experts, it’s being able to retain customers for longer periods of time. According to one expert, customer retention is the only profitable way for brick and mortar as well as e-commerce stores to grow because repeat sales means making money repeatedly on a one-time acquisition cost paid.

Often times, the packaging of a product is the first touch point or reference point that customers have with your brand outside of your website. The packaging sets the stage for your customer’s experience, while at the same time reaffirming the reasons why they chose to buy from you in the first place.

So, if you’ve put a lot of time and resources into creating a seamless and amazing user experience on your website, but you deliver your product in a plain, dull and unbranded box, then what does this say about your brand?

Remember that not delivering a consistent customer experience throughout the entire customer journey is a sure-fire way to disappoint, and lose, your customers. And, even if you have a wonderful website, but a poorly-presented product, you can be sure that your customers will be left feeling very underwhelmed.

Thus, your product’s packaging is a very great place to begin telling your customer that they should purchase from you again, and you can do just that by bringing your unique selling proposition onto your packaging.

Enhancing Your Branding With Custom Packaging

Our friendly and seasoned marketing and sales experts also added that nothing says “great value for money” like giving your customers a little more than what they expected or thought of.

But this does not mean giving them free movie tickets or giving them vouchers on Amazon. It simply means showing your customer that you indeed have gone the extra mile to providing them with just what they bargained for.

This could be as simple as wrapping your product in some custom-branded paper or packaging.  The experts stress that quality custom packaging can be a good selling point that you list in your product descriptions.

The Amazing Allure of Unboxing

According to e-commerce experts, unboxing builds on a person’s desire and enjoyment around the unknown. And, even if the person knows what they’re getting, there’s still that excitement when it comes to the reveal, especially if time and care have been taken to make the reveal part of what the customer likes about the brand.

The personal touches of an unforgettable and amazing unboxing experience can certainly provide a wonderful customer experience, and it can also grow repeat conversions. And, providing your customers with a unique, remarkable unboxing experience lets them know that not only do you care how the product is delivered, but that you also go the extra mile in making sure that they’ll receive the best possible experience from end to end.

Quality Packaging – How to Create It

Now that you’re convinced that quality custom packaging and a good design can make a lot of difference in how your customers perceive or assess your brand, here’s what you need to know on how to get started in designing packaging which satisfies your customer’s expectations and desires.

For starters, your packaging is there to keep the product safe and secure. In the realm of product packaging, form always follows function. Well, there’s actually not much to using packaging that looks pretty on the outside but fails to protect the product from damage or spoilage.

Second, once you’ve picked the type of custom packaging for your product, it’s now time to begin getting branding involved. If you really want your packaging to leave a lasting impression on your customers, ensure that it aligns with the branding guidelines that you’ve outlined in your style guide. This helps to create a feeling of consistency from the online space all the way to the physical ream.

And, don’t forget that you should also follow the legal requirements of packaging, especially in the markets or industries that you’re selling to or aligned with. Different countries (and even different states) have varying regulations on how companies are legally allowed to ship products. Thus, make sure that you comply with national or local laws before moving on with any customized packaging strategy.

And, to really get the most out of your customized packaging design, keep in mind that the material and texture of your packaging needs to work with your logo and branding. 

How Product Packaging Impacts Conversions Onsite

Innovative custom packaging has the ability to speak directly to the quality standards of a brand. If you can provide your customers with a really good and seamless purchasing experience, then it will have a fruitful impact on your perceived brand value, as well as your bottom line.

To add value to your products, you could even mention customized packaging directly on your product’s detail pages. Like for example, if you ship your products in recyclable or compostable packaging, then this should be featured to your customers, because who knows you may have a lot of buyers who put a premium on sustainable and environment-friendly business practices. And, if your business truly invests a great deal of time and resources into creating a truly unique packaging experience, you will be surprised by the impact that it can have on your brand’s conversion rate!

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