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Within what comes to be the world of motorcycles, there are many models, each with different functionalities and features. Among the most popular are the so-called off-road motorcycles, designed for off-road use and which are divided into three main specialties: motocross, enduro, and trial.

Like any motor vehicle, motorcycles also need insurance to circulate. The field motorcycle insurance must cover at least the mandatory civil liability. Beyond that, contracting a field motorcycle insurance or another will depend above all on the type of motorcycle and the use you are going to make of it.

What coverage should a good field motorcycle insurance have?

When it comes to insuring your dirt bike, you must differentiate between what is strictly required by law (compulsory civil liability) and the extra coverage you wish to add. Mandatory civil liability will only cover the damages that you cause to third parties with your motorcycle, not your own damages.

The most recommended additional coverages for the insurance of your motorcycle would be the following:

  • Own damage. This coverage guarantees you the damage that your dirt bike may suffer in the event of an accident, even if you are at fault. Of course, you should consider that this coverage usually significantly increases the price of the premium. It is recommended, especially if your motorcycle is new. It is advisable in these cases that, in addition to the damage that the motorcycle may suffer, the insurance also covers the damage caused to the helmet, gloves, and clothing.
  • Medical assistance. This coverage is essential if you drive a dirt bike since this type of vehicle is fundamentally designed to drive in a sporty way and on terrain that does not offer the safety and grip of asphalt. This translates into frequent falls and injuries that require medical-health care and often hospitalization.
  • Advice and management of fines. It is also important coverage, although not precisely because of traffic fines since country motorcycles do not circulate on the road. However, when traveling on rural roads and natural landscapes, environmental fines are frequent. Therefore, it is convenient for you to have specialized advice on this matter from your insurer.
  • Travel assistance. It is a cover that will be very useful if you get stuck with your dirt bike on some little-traveled road. That is why it is essential that you contract coverage that provides you with a towing service from kilometer 0, at any time and on all types of roads.
  • Animal Collision Damage. It is also a very interesting coverage since, in the field, you can suffer mishaps relatively frequently derived from the collision of your motorcycle with an animal.

What is the price of motorcycle insurance?

In general, the price of field motorcycle insurance is lower than that of a road motorcycle. The main reason for this lower price is that by not carrying passengers (country motorcycles are not approved for this), the level of risk assumed by the insurance company is lower.

The price of your motorcycle insurance will ultimately depend on the coverage you want to hire. To help you with your search, we put at your disposal the Doctor I motorcycle insurance comparator so that you can find the one that best suits your situation and needs.

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