Consultative sales: implement this strategy in the sales team

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Consultative sales focus on the customer’s solution and, by solving this pain, they end up showing more quality and generating value to the product or service. In fact, this in the insurance market ends up becoming a great tool for the broker to make more and more sales. 

But that’s not just what consultative selling is for. Therefore, we brought a complete content on this subject and bringing some tips that can be applied by your team of brokers, in order to increase the sales margin and make the company achieve good results in the next year.

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What is consultative selling?

When we talk about consultative selling, the salesperson plays the role of a consultant. That is, instead of “pushing” a product from the broker to the client, he understands what the person is looking for, makes an analysis based on what he can help, and offers the correct solution for the client.

Therefore, consultative sales are strategies that prioritize consumer needs. The objective is precisely to understand what he really needs and find the best solutions.

This concept began in the 1970s, in a book by Mack Hanan, considered a B2B sales guru, called Consultative Selling. Hanan noticed that salespeople who focused on the customer problem effectively ended up selling more. 

On the other hand, sellers who were only concerned with the presentation of their products ended up selling less. It was at that moment that he highlighted the first salesperson model that came to be called “consultant.”

To date, consultative sales have proved to be very effective, both in the insurance market and in other segments. After all, they focus on a customer-centric process: bringing the customer closer, meeting their needs and expectations, establishing a relationship, and creating value for the brand.

How to sell more insurance with consultative sales?

Now that we understand the concept of consultative selling, we have brought you some tips that may be important for your brokerage to have an increasingly empowered sales team and achieve surprising results in 2022.

Below, check out the tips to make consultative sales a pillar within your company:

Use Cross-Selling to your advantage.

Presenting good alternatives to customers is a great way; in fact, this is what they expect from a sales consultant. Therefore, the cross-selling strategy is an ace in the sleeve for this type of situation, as it explores crucial factors to offer a second product to the customer, if necessary. 

For example, with Quiver Management Solutions, you can present the best, most concrete offers that best match the customer’s profile. In fact, it is possible to offer products within the same policy to make their lives easier, unifying them in an increasingly complete proposal.

Invest in a quality CRM

Using a CRM for consultative insurance sales, you can extract accurate information about your customers, in addition to capturing leads more easily. This makes it easier to provide quality service and value.

It is necessary to keep in mind that a humanized service is based on respect, cordiality, and transparency. This is what makes the broker stand out in the market in order to gain more attention from the clients. 

That is, in addition to improving customer service, it is a tool that aims to facilitate the day-to-day of the insurance broker.

Make a presence on the internet.

The world today is increasingly digital, so the insurance broker who wants to start a consultative sales project needs to be present on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. Increasing visibility to potential customers is one way to ensure you are successful in sales.

Social networks are great to be used as SAC 2.0 in the clarification of doubts. In fact, it makes the first contact with your product faster through digital channels.

In addition to social networks, one way to be present in the digital age is by investing in a good website. With this, your future customers can find the insurance broker more easily on Google and other search engines. 

Also, bet on ads on the Google Ads platform, a tool that allows you to reach an audience that did not know the company before.

With these tips, your brokerage firm can further explore the potential of its salespeople, making them prepared to execute consultative sales strategies. In fact, this may be the initial push to improve to increase the brokerage’s influence in the insurance market.

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