Calculate the minimum amount of car insurance enough?

Calculate the minimum amount of car insurance enough?

 If you buy a car, you must buy insurance. Some are expensive, some are cheap, how much we buy is enough, and the relative cost is the lowest, let me share with you today.

Because of different insurance companies, there are various discounts in the second year. This can’t be calculated. Let’s calculate it according to the same price as everyone in the first year of the new car.

To pay high insurance

Compulsory insurance, mainly compensation, 950 yuan

First of all, the 950 yuan for compulsory insurance is impossible to escape. Everyone has to buy compulsory insurance, so is it enough to pay compulsory insurance? That’s not the case.

What’s the insurance for? Mainly to compensate others. That is, we are fully responsible. If we knocked down someone or damage their car, then we will compensate others. The maximum compensation amount is 122,000 yuan.

Third-party liability insurance

Encountering people is not enough, and you still need to buy third-party liability insurance.

The national average insured is around 400,000

So how much third-party liability insurance is enough? There are two reference dimensions. The first one is how much quota everyone is buying from third parties across the country.

Shanghai has the highest insurance coverage, with average three-party insurance coverage of 770,000 yuan, Shanxi’s lowest at 200,000 yuan, and the national average insured amount is around 400,000 yuan.

Different cities have different levels of insurance coverage

But looking at this is not enough. This is just a reference for most car owners and friends. They buy such a quota. It also depends on if we accidentally bump into someone, don’t we have to compensate others? We also have to look at their salaries, death compensation and so on.

Then the degree of development of the city is not the same, the salary is different, and the amount is different. As for Shanghai, it is 1.1 million, Gansu 500,000, and there is a long list of others.

1 million in big cities, 500,000 in second-and third-tier cities

In general, let me take a look at it. There are more luxury cars in big cities, and there are more compensations for collisions. It is more reliable to buy 1 million. The first year is 1630 yuan.

Relatively, second-and third-tier cities, and even third- and fourth-tier cities, have fewer luxury cars and less compensation for collisions. 500,000 is enough. A year, it is 1252 yuan.

The difference between 500,000 and 1 million is more than 300 yuan, but there is a difference of 500,000 in the risks it can cover.

500,000 is enough, 1 million is more insurance

So I think from the perspective of being sufficient, 500,000 is enough. If you want to be more comfortable, I still recommend that you buy 1 million third-party liability insurance.

Then the first 950 yuan has been paid out, and the 500,000 third party liability insurance that is enough is 1252 yuan. With such a plus, it is 2202 yuan so far.

Car damage insurance

Most car owners buy car damage insurance

That was paid to someone else just now. Our car has to be repaired. What kind of bumper is dented, we need to paint it, and we need to replace the headlights. This involves buying car damage insurance.

According to the statistics of insurance companies, 70% of car owners will buy this car damage insurance.

The price will fluctuate, probably around 1547

For a car of about 100,000 yuan, the car damage insurance is 1,547 yuan in the first year, and it fluctuates for different models because of the new insurance policy. Here we are, just one size fits all, first calculate an approximate.

Then 2202 plus this 1547 yuan car damage is 3749.

No deductible insurance

This is a relatively low overhead, but it is still far from enough. We also left out a type of insurance called no deductible.

Ordinary insurance still has to pay part of the repair cost.

Not counting the deductible, many of my friends don’t know what it is used for. Let me tell you this, for example, my car costs 100 yuan to repair, and if I don’t buy this insurance, it will only give me 80 yuan when it may claim.

Why isn’t it fully paid for? 

Because this insurance company is afraid of us going to take out the insurance, it keeps using the insurance to repair the car, refurbish it, and mess with it, making us pay a little price.

Every time I pay 20 yuan and ask the insurance company to pay 80 yuan, I feel a little uncomfortable. Then next time it may not be a big deal, so I won’t find the insurance company or something. This is the insurance company.

Buy insurance without deductible insurance can pay in full

If I buy this excluding deductible insurance, then my repair is 1,000, and your insurance company will give me 1,000. This is relatively good welfare insurance. I recommend that every friend buy it, it is quite cost-effective.

The fewer the types of insurance, the cheaper it is without deductibles, and the more expensive it is One thing to note here is that, excluding deductibles, it is related to our other insurance types. If, for example, we have few types of insurance, it will be cheaper without deductibles. If there are many types of insurance, the deductible will be increased.

With three-party insurance and car damage insurance, it is about 560 yuan.

Then, if a car of 100,000 yuan has 1 million yuan of three-way insurance, and you also buy car damage insurance, buying another car is 560 yuan excluding deductibles.

Then the previous 3749, plus 560 yuan, is 4309 yuan. This is the cheapest, and it can fully guarantee the purchase of such insurance that we have enough. Hopefully, this reference will come in handy when you buy a car.

For my 100,000 yuan car, people said, you should buy better new car insurance, 6,500. Just listen to the price and you will know that it is not right.

Which car insurance is useless at all?

Well, some friends will also think, then you are talking about the lowest and sufficient insurance, I am not short of this kind of money, I want to treat this car a little better. I am a 100,000 yuan car. I want to buy 8,000, 9,000, 10,000 yuan. I want to buy full insurance.

The more insurance you buy, the better protection you get. But my friends, do you know that some car insurances are useless at all?

In other words, I was scratching and scratching with others on the way, “Zi” came like this, should I go to insurance and pay for it? Or is it private? Because the second year premiums will go up. How should I make this judgment? Is it better to be private, or to take insurance?

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