Bridge over dental implants

Bridge over dental implants

What is an implant bridge? What is the best dental bridge or dental implant option? Bridge prices on dental implants Barcelona at Propdental.

When you lose one or several teeth, factors such as chewing or dental aesthetics are lost. And for this reason, it is essential to put the missing teeth as soon as possible. Among the fixed teeth options you have are dental bridges, dental implants, and bridges on dental implants.

The dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis cemented to the neighboring teeth. On the other hand, the dental implant is a titanium screw placed in your maxillary bone and does not damage neighboring teeth. Both treatments allow to recover aesthetics and to chew.

The price of a bridge on implants is higher than when it is made on your teeth. However, whenever possible, it is better to place a dental implant since it does not need to damage your teeth to rehabilitate the missing space and prevent you from losing bone in that area.

What is an implant bridge?

An implant bridge consists of a fixed prosthesis attached to dental implants. Works as one piece. It is the same as the dental bridge, but instead of relying on your natural teeth, it is supported by dental implants.

In other words, when we make a bridge on implants, the pillars are the implant screws themselves. While in the dental bridge, the abutments are your natural teeth.

graphic representation of teeth filed to fit a dental bridge

What is better, a bridge or a dental implant?

Rehabilitating the spaces of missing or missing teeth is key to maintaining the correct health of your mouth. Both the bridge and the dental implant are treatments that will restore the aesthetics and functionality of your mouth. However, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main difference between a dental bridge and a bridge on implants is that it is necessary to carve your teeth so that a dental bridge can adapt to the mouth. On the other hand, unlike the dental bridge, the implant allows you to maintain your bone, preventing it from being lost due to the absence of a tooth.

The advantage of dental bridges is that no surgery is necessary. And, they are a treatment that allows the lost tooth to be replaced much more quickly. The most significant disadvantage of the dental bridge is that it is necessary to file the adjacent teeth and reduce them in size to fit.

Another negative consequence of dental bridges is that bone resorption in the edentulous area continues. Not being stimulated by a tooth or an implant, your bone continues to lose thickness and height.

What is a fixed dental bridge?

dental bridge is a composition of crowns joined together, resembling, in that sense, the morphology of your teeth. The peaks are attached and cemented on the teeth adjacent to the gap to be rehabilitated.

dental bridge will be placed on your previously carved teeth adjacent to the edentulous area. It consists of two main parts. These are The pillars, which are the carved teeth to support the bridge itself. And, the pontics. These are the “empty” spaces where the tooth is missing.

photo of a porcelain zirconium dental bridge made at Propdental Clinics

Depending on how many teeth are missing between the abutment teeth, the bridge may comprise three or more teeth (crowns).

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), bridges or fixed prostheses have about 10-15 years of durability. Therefore, this treatment is not as durable as the bridge over dental implants.

Bridge price on dental implants

The price of a dental bridge is less than a bridge on dental implants. These prices vary from the dental clinic, and what we are going to teach is to have an idea of ​​the difference between these treatments. This is because, in the case of the bridge over your teeth, it is unnecessary to place dental implants, so the cost is reduced to the manufacture of dental crowns.

For example, if you are missing a tooth: The price of a dental bridge made up of 3 crowns is approximately 260 euros per dental crown. So the price of a 3-tooth bridge is 780 euros at Propdental Clinics.

On the other hand, the price of a bridge on implants has the cost of placing the implants and the cost of the crowns on implants. In other words, in the price of a bridge over implants, you have the cost of placing two dental implants, which is 490 euros each at Propdental. And then, to make 3 joined crowns that cost 400 euros each to make a bridge over 3-tooth implants. In this case, the approximate cost of your bridge over implants is 2,180 euros at Propdental Clinics.

Which is better: The implant or the dental bridge?

The dental bridge allows you to replace missing teeth in cases where you do not want or cannot place dental implants. In short, it is a fixed solution (it is not removable) and an alternative to replace teeth that have fallen out. But whenever possible, it is better to use dental implants.

The significant disadvantage of bridges is making a fixed prosthesis. It wears down the teeth next to the gap. So if your teeth are in good condition, it is better to put a dental implant, and thus there is no need to carve any teeth. Durability is another aspect in which bridges lose out. Thanks to the dental implant placed in dental clinics in Barcelona, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Rubi, or Badalona from Propdental, you obtain the security that you will have fixed and functional teeth for longer than if you did a treatment with dental bridges.

As we have already shown you, both treatments, implants, and dental bridges will offer you high aesthetics, comfort, and functionality. However, at Propdental, we believe that a bridge over dental implants is better to keep your bone healthy and not carve neighboring teeth. If you want us to assess your particular case, you can request a visit to our Dental Clinics in Badalona, ​​​​Barcelona, ​​​​Hospitalet de Llobregat, and Rubi.

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