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There are blogs that try to cover everything related to photography; there are special blogs that dive into a niche; there are blogs that only talk about equipment, and there are blogs by talented photographers.

That much must be taken and condensed only on the list of nine. However, let me push you into it and hope that every blog helps you become an extraordinary photographer.

1. Digital Photography School:

DPS is one of the most famous photography sites like malibu wedding photographer and important bookmarks for beginners and Virtuoso. You have all parts of photography tips and tutorials. The head of the article under the ‘for beginner’ section. Simple basics such as exposure and aperture are clear. If you are right, you can jump to the post-production section. You can also choose to get photography tips from the site in your inbox every day. Then there is a useful community behind the DPS, which is the focal point of photography.

2. DIY Photography:

I do not know that if you buy a lens, the first thing you have to do is check it for fungal infections. That is what I learned in this DIY photography was quite early. This site has advice, tutorials, and tips-mash-mash about various photography topics ranging from how to arrange home studios to fast tips and camera hacking (using door holes as fisheye lenses). I am sure you will stay here for a while.

3. Photography Concentrate:

Rob Lim and Lauren Lim shared their love for photography here. The husband and wife duo likes photography and it is seen on the site. The page about is an interesting reading and almost inspires you if you are at the beginning of yourself. This site has several paid products (tutorials), but there is enough free content to give you the ins and outs of all corners of photography. FREE things include – Camera Purchase Guide and Shy Photographer Guide for Belief EBook’s, among others.

4. Inspire me dear

You can fall in love with this photography blog. You can at least fall in love with the art of taking a portrait. From infants to old citizens, tips here can make you a better photographer if your interest lies in capturing people and emotions.

5. Argus photo

Simple (but beautiful) blog, which is filled with shutters with tips, resources, inspiration, and photography news. An interesting article me to Argus’s photo is the 27 most followed by Google+. Then I was trapped to explore other photo exhibitions on the site. If you feel that you do not get anywhere with your photography learning, read – their inspirational blind photographer and portfolio for inspiration like reptacular ranch. It will open your eyes.

6. Photo jojo

The people behind Photojojo explore the web and choose photos, projects, and other resources for you. They do hard work so you can lean and take some of the coolest photos. Their newsletter is a useful subscription that can contribute to your photographic skills. They have an interesting feature called The Time Capsule that brings you back to the photo that you portrated a year ago.

7. Strobist

Strobist is a very normal blogspot blog. But tips here on how to use light and flash make it worthy of being a bookmark. As any photographer will say, light sometimes makes all the differences between good shots and okay. As said, this Welcome-Situs page is about learning how to use Flash off-camera with your DSLR to bring your photos to the next level. Or the next ten levels. There is a beginner lighting course 101 to place you at the first level.

8. Canon Blogger

I suspect here that the camera you use is a canon (especially the EOS series). If you then this blog can be one of your stops for all resources related to Canon photography. This is a personal blog and is not affiliated with Canon. There are photography and tutorial tips that maximize the potential of your canon, and if so, you can install your best shots on the monthly contest on the site.

9. Photo focus

You will be almost the list category in the drop-down on the right. Do not … because every category is a rich photography vein. The first entry of this blog comes from 2008 and one of the first tips offered is – Check your battery. Since then the blog written by Scott Bourne, a multi-facted man, has provided tips, reviews, Photoshop how-to, and contests for years.

There are several audio and video podcasts and you can subscribe to feed podcasts on iTunes or other podcast catchers. Look at the contest that can give you the opportunity to go with some very useful gifts.

By Master James

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