ASPCA Pet Insurance Review: The Best Choice for Dog & Cat Owners! Not only does it cover 50 states in the United States, but the claims process is easy to use and easy to operate.

[ASPCA] Pet Insurance Review: The Best Choice for Dog & Cat Owners! Not only does it cover 50 states in the United States, but the claims process is easy to use and easy to operate

When you purchase ASPCA pet insurance, you can choose between two plans: the first is Complete Coverage, from behavioral issues to genetic conditions; the second is Accidents-Only Coverage, which will be more affordable, only pays for emergency treatment. The ASPCA is available in all 50 states, but only for cats and dogs, the claims process is simple, and the customer service team has good reviews. All things considered, whether your pet is a cat or a dog, the ASPCA is a great option.

Many pet owners have experienced how expensive the veterinarian’s fees are. Good pet insurance can not only help you reduce the cost, but also keep your favorite pet in good health. Come see what the ASPCA can offer you and your pet.

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is a type of insurance that reimburses you for veterinary expenses. Similar to home insurance, you pay for the care first, and then the insurance company reimburses you. Pet insurance plans include a deductible and a maximum benefit limit. The deductible is the amount you must spend before your insurance takes effect and starts paying your bill. Say you have a $500 deductible on your plan, which means you need to pay a $500 veterinary bill before you can use your insurance benefits. After the deductible is reached, your insurance covers a percentage of the bill. Your insurance company will continue to pay until you reach your annual maximum benefit limit, which is the maximum amount of money you can get from your insurance company each year.

You’ll pay monthly premiums to your insurance company, and deductibles, coverage, pet breed, and location will all affect the premium you pay. The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly insurance costs will generally be.

Which state offers ASPCA pet insurance?

ASPCA pet insurance in all 50 states

What pets are covered by ASPCA pet insurance?

Protection is currently only available for dogs and cats, if you want to insure other types of pets (like reptiles or birds) you will need to choose another insurance company.

How many options are there for ASPCA pet insurance?

Complete Coverage and Accidents-Only Coverage

Full coverage is the ASPCA’s most comprehensive option and includes all examinations, diagnosis, and treatment fees for the following therapeutic areas:

● Accidents: to cover the costs associated with veterinary care following an accident, including accidents requiring immediate care, such as torn ligaments, bites, fractures, and poisoning;

● Illness: paying for conditions that are not immediately life-threatening, such as urinary tract infections, cancer, arthritis, and allergies;

● Genetics and Congenital Problems: Reimbursement for expenses related to the treatment of genetic diseases, such as heart disease, eye disease, and disc disease. The ASPCA also includes coverage for hip dysplasia, a common and very serious form of the hip that affects many dogs but is not covered by most pet insurance;

● Behavioral Problems: Covers the cost of treatment and services related to anxious or compulsive behaviors, including excessive licking, fur pulling, and forced demolition.

Click here to inquire at ASPCA The ASPCA’s full coverage plan covers pretty much everything from basic services to stem cell therapy and even acupuncture.

However, the following items are excluded from “full coverage” and “accident insurance”:

● Pre-existing issues: Coverage does not cover anything that has happened to your pet when you purchased your insurance. The ASPCA classifies as “pre-existing” any illness or symptoms you contracted before or while you were waiting to enroll in your insurance plan. But assuming your pet has a disease that has been cured or treated and has been symptom-free for at least 180 days, the ASPCA will still ask you for protection;

● Cosmetic surgery: specifically including declawing cats, clipping ears, and docking dog’s tails;

● Maternity Expenses: Excludes any expenses related to maternity and pregnancy;

● Preventive care: does not include routine health checks (such as vaccines), if you want coverage for preventive care, you can buy additional and add it to your insurance plan;

The full plan also has many specific exclusions, such as vitamins, on-site service fees, and training fees, a full restricted list can be viewed here.

Accidents-Only Coverage

Want more affordable insurance? Consider the accident insurance offered by the ASPCA. Simply put, this plan only covers immediate, life-threatening accidents and emergencies. These include torn ligaments, bites, cuts, poisoning, and foreign body retention.

Both options will give policyholders great freedom of choice, with reimbursement rates of 70%, 80%, and 90%, with deductibles of $100, $250, and $500, respectively. You can also choose a plan with a minimum of $5,000, or an unlimited plan, but these factors will affect how much you’ll pay each month.

Pet Insurance Rates

● Maine Coon: full coverage, $37.29/month;

● Maine Coon: Accident, $27.92/month;

● American Shorthair: full coverage, $33.84/month;

● Labrador: Full coverage, $78.80/month;

● Labrador: Accident, $55.16/month;

● Bullfighting: Full coverage, $82.09/month;

● German Shepherd: Full coverage, $72.24/mo

Click here to inquire at ASPCA Claim Process

The ASPCA claims process is simple. First, you need to pay your veterinary bill, and then you can file a claim with the insurance company over the phone, online, or even by fax. Someone from the ASPCA will look at your insurance plan, subtract the deductible based on that, and refund you a percentage of the cost of your treatment.

In general, the ASPCA promises to service most claims within 16 days, and you can choose to deposit directly into a bank account or mail a check.

Customer Service

The ASPCA can be reached at 888-716-1203 between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm ET, by email at, or by fax to the Customer Service Center at 866-888-2497.

Protect the health of pets, other highly rated pet insurance companies in the United States

“Little Ancestor” also spends money like water when he gets sick. The outpatient fee alone costs hundreds of dollars, and the cost of follow-up treatment is not cheap! To allow owners to take better care of their pets, pet insurance plans that cover pet medical expenses have been developed accordingly. The following pet insurance companies are well-known and highly rated insurance companies in the United States. There are many different health plans to choose from on the official website. The owner can make a quotation after Q&A according to the condition of your pet. It is recommended to collect multiple quotations. Compare and then decide to buy.


Because not every pet insurance company provides coverage in the 50 states, and each state has different companies and programs, owners can follow the map to find the best pet insurance company for their pet’s health.


America’s Most Popular Pet Insurance

1. Healthy Paws: The most popular pet insurance company with the most favorable reviews. It insures more than 500,000 pets in the United States. It only provides accident + disease pet health insurance, one step.

2. Embrace: The best pet accident emergency treatment coverage, accident insurance can be purchased separately, free pet physical examination is provided, and the policy will take effect two days after the insurance is applied. 

3. Prudent: Pet insurance plan can be customized according to your pet’s situation, providing three-level insurance policies of accident insurance, accident + disease insurance, and exclusive plan. 

4. ASPCA: It is most suitable for families with only pets to purchase, and each additional pet insurance can enjoy a 10% discount. It is very convenient to use paperless electronic claims. 

5. Figo: The most intimate pet insurance plan, with a variety of additional policies to choose from, such as acupuncture and chiropractic, to meet the special needs of owners and pets. 

6. PetFirst: Provides the most comprehensive pet insurance plan, covering 50 states in the United States. There is no upper limit on the age of dogs, cats, and cats, and no restrictions on breeds. Preventive treatment plans such as physical examinations and vaccines can be purchased.

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