6 practical tips for designing your Western Style kitchen


More than a space for those who like to cook, the American kitchen is very suitable for those who receive guests at home. Perfect for small environments, as they allow communication between environments, American kitchens – also known as integrated kitchens – give a charming and modern touch to your home. A quotation and intermediation platform for custom furniture, spoke to professionals who give tips on designing an American kitchen.

Integration & Interaction:

For the architect James Strauss, from UK Designing Firm, the great advantage of the American kitchen is “to expand and integrate spaces, making the living room and kitchen a unique environment. In addition, those who cook can interact with the guests in the room”, he explains.

Architect Audrey, from Find esign firm, explains that the American kitchen can be fully open, that is, without any wall, or with a wall approximately 90 cm high and a counter on top. “This counter option can be interesting to have a sitting area in the kitchen and another in the living room”, he indicates.

If the site plan does not allow it or the owner does not want to break all the walls, Marina recommends opening only one gap in the wall, such as a window, which also allows for the integration of environments. For Commercial plumbing Services Consult here

Circulation area:

When planning an American kitchen, you need to think about the circulation area, in addition to the space for opening cabinets and kitchen appliances. According to Sofia, about 1.50m is enough space for this. She also advises that, if the place is smaller, use furniture with sliding doors, which further optimize the space.

If you have a small kitchen, opt for lighter colors in furniture and appliances, which guarantee a feeling of spaciousness. “Think also of a smart kitchen, in which access and handling of products are easy”.


As the American kitchen is integrated with the living room, it is possible to use the same floor in both environments. “The same porcelain tile can be installed in the living room and kitchen. In addition, we have the option of vinyl flooring, which has wooden and smooth patterns that you can get wet on”, explains Sofia. However, if the room already has wood or similar, such as woody vinyl flooring or laminate flooring, “the best thing is to use a more homogeneous porcelain tile in the kitchen” completes the architect.


For the architect, for the day to day, cold lighting is ideal in American kitchens, as they illuminate better and make the environment clearer. However, halogen lamps can be used for special occasions, as they convey coziness.

No fat and odors:

A good kitchen design needs to include an exhaust system to prevent grease and cooking smells from entering the room. In addition to windows to renew the air, an exhaust system can help. Architect Shane, however, that care must be taken when choosing the hood or extractor so that they fit the dimensions of the stove or cooktop.

Furniture colors and combinations:

Architect Katrina believes that it is interesting that the furniture in the living room and kitchen have the same language, as the kitchen will become part of the living room. Check out the pro tips:

  • White glazing in the kitchen’s upper cabinets looks sophisticated;
  • If you use colored tile on the kitchen wall, choose to use the more sober rest, such as white countertop and floor. In the living room, work with grayer furniture and wood;
  • If the kitchen is all white, choose to put a color in the room. However, never use colors in both environments.
By Master James

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