5 Best health insurance in Florida for 2022 according to prices and benefits

5 Best health insurance in Florida for 2022 according to prices and benefits

Oscar Healthcare

Best: Oscar Health EPO Silver Plan (38-year-old female, $14,000 income in Miami 33186). She does not need a referral to specialists, she has a $0 deductible, and the maximum out-of-pocket is $1,400. You pay nothing for doctor visits and $10 for specialists.

Oscar Health has the best health insurance plans for 2022. Its Silver plans top the price list with the best coverage. Intuitive and straightforward health plans are well worth considering when looking for a good insurance company in Florida.

Its provider network is not as extensive as its previous competitors, and customers refer us that offer less prescription drug coverage than Ambetter and Bright.

Florida Blue

Florida Blue HMO Silver Plan (38-year-old female, $14,000 income in Miami 33186)

Among the best medical insurance in Florida is Blue Cross, known as Florida Blue. This company offers excellent coverage in Florida for all needs and almost any budget. People who like to go to Sanita’s Clinics this 2022 have excellent options.

Florida Blue medical insurance also has some of the best health providers, which guarantees access to professionals, clinics, and hospitals that are experts in health care, including care in the so-called Blue Centers.

As less positive aspects, we can point out that you need a referral from your primary doctor to see the specialists and that you can only be treated in the insurance clinics known as Sanitas.


Ambetter HMO Silver Plan (38-year-old female, $14,000 income in Miami 33186)

Ambetter of Sunshine continues to be one of the favorite companies of Floridians. Excellent references from your clients. Your 2022 Florida health insurance plans offer a great network of providers, clinics, and hospitals that you can visit for medical care. Plus, Ambetter has excellent prescription drug coverage to take care of your health at great prices. By 2022 the costs of their plans have increased. However, many policyholders have preferred to continue.

Bright Health

Bright EPO Silver Plan (38-year-old female, $14,000 income in Miami 33186)

This 2021, Bright Health has stood out for the prices of its plans. It has a bronze plan with a $0 deductible that has been one of the most chosen. In addition to the low cost of their health care plans, many care providers, and the flexibility of their dreams.

For 2022, Bright has raised its prices a little. Perhaps for some families, it is a better option to switch to other insurers with better prices that have good coverage, like Oscar, for example.


Av-Med HMO Silver Plan (38-year-old female, $14,000 income in Miami 33186)

AvMed is a highly prestigious company with more than 50 years in the market, its plans with excellent coverage and prices stood out in 2021. Many clients who receive care at Baptist Health Hospitals opt for these plans.

At Braojos, when the day comes to make your application in the Health Insurance Market, you have all the information you need and can make the best decision. An excellent alternative for health insurance coverage in Florida for 2022.

Although it is no longer mandatory to have health insurance in Florida, it is very important to have this support. At any given time you may need help to cover medical expenses for an illness or accident

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