4 Tips for Designing Rigid Boxes


Think about unboxing products or apple jewelry from Tiffany. Packaging is the first thing that attracts your attention. Whether it’s a slim white box holding the latest iPhone, or an iconic blue box with foam insert. The stiff box is perfect for the packaging of fine, heavy electronic, and even making a good gift box.

Luxury brands often rely on rigid boxes for the packaging. This sturdy paper paper box is cut and printed on the required size before it is folded to form the basic frame of the box. The design is printed and wrapped in a frame that gives the brand of opportunities to adjust these boxes according to their wishes, while giving them a luxurious touch.

Rigid boxes can be designed to be functional and aesthetically fun with these 4 tips.


Generally, rigid boxes cannot be leveled to maintain their sturdy frame and rigid nature. However, by using thinner material, the stiff box can be leveled. This custom rigid boxes wholesale folded box is made of 2 separate parts and is usually easy to assemble.

Six Nature of Magnetic Rigid Box that Can Be Opened Open

Foldable magnetic rigid box

Not only rigid boxes that can be folded cheaper to make but its flexible nature allows you to save on storage or space without sacrificing unboxing experience.

Six Nature of Rigid Magnetic Boxes that Can Be Folded Flat

As a way to tell customers about your rigid box features that can be folded, be sure to enter tips about packaging and how it can be easily used again.

2 – Think about ways to secure your product

When packing and sending fine or electronic items, it is important to ensure that it is supported by sufficient material to prevent damage and damage. If you use a box with a base and cover separately, make sure to use a break -resistant seal to attach a box and prevent the product from falling out.

You can also use special packaging inserts to hold your product in place and prevent them from moving in the box. However, include seals and stickers to close the box even with inserts to be sure.

Magnetic stiff box opened


As an alternative, you can choose a magnetic cap box. Magnets glued to the bent lid to close the box. This magnet safely closes your stiff box and gives your customers to experience premium unboxing.

3 – Rigid Kraft Rigid Box

Your brand can be a supporter of environmentally friendly packaging and green practice by encouraging the use of paper materials and choosing craft paper boxes. Kraft rigid box is 100% biodegradable and compost when not coated with a layer or lamination. In addition to the use of craft paper, be sure to use environmentally friendly ink, such as water -based ink or soybean.

Rigid Kraft custom Baraiya box with insert

The Kraft box is also more resistant to adverse climate elements such as heat, humidity/humidity, and even shock. While the brown Kraft box usually does not shout ‘luxury’, the use of minimalist design and the right branding material can even turn this Kraft box into premium packaging at a much lower cost. Printing white ink on Kraft paper can provide your packaging elegant and minimal appearance. Find out more about printing on Kraft paper here.

4 – Fully adjusted

Rigid boxes look great even with minimal design and lamination. custom bottle boxes The use of durable materials gives an amazing display box almost eliminating the need for complex graphics.

Six Nature of Magnetic Rigid Boxes That Can Be Closed

Some brands choose to use a single-color box only with a printed logo. This practice does save extra money that can be put into add-on such as embossing, foil stamping, etc. However, if your box needs to make jazzing, don’t hesitate to use brave patterns and colors.

For further inspiration about a rigid box design, see our rigid box showcase page here.

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