Reasons to Learn the Quran for Kids Online


In this age of technology, it’s easy to forget about the beauty and importance of good old penmanship. The Quran for kids online is one of the best ways to keep your child engaged with Allah’s word, in an easy and interactive way that suits his or her own personal level of learning and understanding. Plus, what child wouldn’t be fascinated by seeing such beautiful images while reading the words that are supposed to be memorized so early on?

1) Learning Arabic improves your vocabulary

Many languages have roots in Arabic, meaning learning it can help you understand a broader range of words. Plus, Arabic has its own alphabet, which means you’ll learn a different way of writing, too. Moreover, reading Arabic text helps exercise your brain in ways that are similar to reading Latin-based alphabets like English and Spanish.

2) Memorizing Quranic verses helps you with concentration

There are various ways you can help your child memorize Quranic verses. One way is by asking them to recite over and over. They’ll be able to do it better when they read or listen because of their training from reciting it orally.

3) Learning tajweed instills discipline in children

Tajweed is the practice of proper pronunciation when reciting the Quran. It is important to learn tajweed because it ensures that the words of Allah are recited correctly. This in turn instills discipline in children, as they learn to focus and pay attention to detail. Additionally, tajweed teaches children patience and perseverance, as it can be difficult to master. However, the rewards are great, as reciting the Quran with proper tajweed is a beautiful and moving experience.

4) Memorizing Quranic verses builds faith in children

As kids learn and memorize Quranic verses, they internalize its message and develop a stronger faith. The act of reciting verses also helps them focus and calm their minds, setting them up for a more productive day.

5) Children who learn the Quran are more knowledgeable about religion

1. They will learn about the different pillars of Islam and what they entail. 2. They will be able to read and understand the Quran for themselves, rather than relying on someone else to interpret it for them. 3. They will develop a stronger connection with Allah and feel closer to Him. 4. They will learn about Islamic history and culture, which can help them appreciate their heritage more. 5.

6) Memorizing the Quran helps build mental acuity

In addition to helping with memorization, learning the Quran can also help build mental acuity. After all, it is a book of verses that are meant to be recited. As such, it requires one to think critically in order to understand the meaning of each verse. This, in turn, can help improve problem-solving skills and sharpen the mind.

7) The Quran gives an insight into how Islam began

The Quran is not just a religious text, but also a historic document. It tells the story of how Islam began and how the Muslim community came to be. By understanding the Quran, you can get a better understanding of the origins of Islam and the early days of the Muslim community.

8) Memorizing Quranic verses instills confidence in young minds

The Quran is a repository of universal values and teachings. When children memorize Quranic verses, they develop knowledge, confidence and an appreciation for one of humankind’s most beautiful literary works. This doesn’t just benefit them in their youth but helps develop responsible citizens who have a strong moral compass as they become adults. No wonder parents across Muslim countries are putting so much effort into making sure their children learn Quranic verses at an early age!

9) The reward for memorizing Quranic verses will last forever

The reward you get from Allah SWT when you memorize Quranic verses will last forever in Jannah. Some Muslims may think that it is not important for children to learn Surahs because they are too young and too small, but if we were blessed enough to be able to recite Quranic verses, then we should let our children learn those same verses so that one day when they grow up, they will benefit from them.

10) The fast track way to learn Arabic

If you’re a parent, then you are well aware of how important it is for your child to learn Quran for kids Arabic. From offering better career opportunities later in life, making their prayers more meaningful and simple travel experiences, learning Arabic will open so many doors for them. The only challenge is that some traditional methods of teaching children are tedious at best. This can make it hard to keep them interested over time. So what do you do? You go online and find an app that makes it easy and fun!

By Master James

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