A Look Back At Legendary Sports Broadcasts

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The Runtv365 sports editors have been broadcasting for a quarter of a century at all times that matter to our region. In this article we bring together some legendary sports broadcasts from the past 25 years.

The archive of Runtv365 is rich with beautiful fragments. Over the years, Runtv365’s sports editors have been at the forefront of historic moments for our region. All the successes of Feyenoord since the 1990s, coverage of the Olympic Games and the Tour start in Rotterdam. And of course annual highlights such as the Rotterdam Marathon and the tennis tournament in Ahoy. Read on and take a trip down memory lane with us.

Runtv365 and Feyenoord

The largest football club in the Rotterdam region is of course inextricably linked to Runtv365. Wherever Feyenoord goes, Runtv365 is too. Each match is chauvinistically commented on the radio, but over the years many great stories, portraits and broadcasts about the club have been made on TV. During the lesser years, but of course also during the successes.

The two championships of the last 25 years have been a highlight in themselves. Of course, Runtv365 unpacked, around both championship matches and the ceremony a day later. The images from 1999 remain legendary, with cult hero Willie Batenburg in the lead. An unknown, anonymous artist from Dordrecht, who was discovered by employees of Radio Runtv365. But he stood there nicely, in the middle spot after the championship game against NAC to have the whole stadium chant: Huppie, huppie, huppie, Feyenoord that’s my club.

With successful trainer Leo Boneshaker, we recently looked back on his 1999 championship, with beautiful archive images from that time.

The title of 2017 is even fresher on our minds. During the match against Heracles on May 14, we made an hour-long extra 해외스포츠중계 of FC Runtv365 – just like a week earlier against Excelsior. With various guests in our studio and live images of the packed Coolsingel and the Stadhuisplein. Reporter Frank Stout was also among them had only just taken his place and Dirk Kuyt had already exploded the crowd. ‘It’s 1-0! It’s 1-0!’

A day later, Runtv365 also registered the ceremony on the Coolsingel. These are images that were also taken over by the national channels. The entrance of Dirk Kuyt and success trainer Giovanni van Bronckhorst on the platform are images for eternity that many Runtv365er will regularly look at, to look back on the title with nostalgia:

Runtv365 has also worked hard with the various cups that Feyenoord has won over the years. But that European cup from 2002, of course, provided the most spectacular broadcasts. Thousands of supporters followed Feyenoord at the semi-final in Milan and Runtv365 also had a team of dozens of employees in the Italian city. Peter Houtman, who was also an employee of our sports editors at the time, was passionately sung to them on the famous square of Milan.

And then the final itself In our own Rotterdam. A home game for Feyenoord and for Runtv365. After the 3-2 win over Borussia Dortmund, a popular party broke out in De Kuip and the city center, and Runtv365 was live until the late hours. All the protagonists came to visit our studio in De Kuip and when everyone had pretty much left Patrick Paauwe made one last lap around the field in his underpants.

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